_ Torsten Slama _

Illustrated Visions Of The Future

14th Apr–28th May 2007

Vision 2: The Abandoned Transonic Windtunnel, 2007
Pencil and chinese ink on paper, 73 x 102 cm

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Illustrated Visions of the Future
for the Survival and Maintenance of Monuments
dedicated to the Memory of Humankind

Vision 1: The House of the Geomant

This house is located in the closest possible proximity to a very special rock which functions as a natural accumulator of orgone energy. The house is partially embedded in the rock, and so partakes in its benign effluvium. The geomant lies dead in the cellar of his house, and does not decay nor rot due to the rock's effluvium. Two monkeys live on that rock and mock the passing horses.

Vision 2: The Abandoned Transonic Wind Tunnel

The Transonic Wind Tunnel is a testing laboratory for supersonic planes. No testing is taking place anymore. The horses who roam the surrounding flatlands find this building a favourite meeting place. The cat, who had been the pet of the deceased owner of the Transonic Wind Tunnel, left to her own devices, begot kittens without being inseminated. The kittens are playfully using the large flat area of the roof of the wind tunnel as their playground.

Vision 3: The Wilhelm Reich Cryogenic Institute

The cold store harbours the dead bodies of mighty fathers. The mighty fathers believe that they are still potentially alive, but later findings proved that the method of cryogenics, even when the cryogenic tanks are combined with orgone accumulators, does not preserve the potentiality of life, but merely deep freezes the dead bodies. These findings occurred after the death of the mighty fathers. The team of highly intelligent trained dolphins who came up with these findings issued a recommendation that the Institute should be kept in working condition and a wise owl and a sow with seven piglets should guard it in case the mighty fathers might still find it possible to rise again and work their revenge on a world which betrayed them.

Vision 4: The Secret Missile Silo

The deserted silo stands in a rock-strewn barren landscape. It is a former chemical factory which now holds a long range missile with a nuclear warhead. Due to radioactive leakage the immediate surroundings of the silo are contaminated, and pose a severe health hazard to all kinds of organisms. The silo is not known, and its location is unknown, because it is forgotten. Whoever enters the desert and proceeds far enough to see the secret missile silo, and feel the effects of the radiation, is not likely to return.

Vision 5: The Father Institute

The Father Institute serves as a lone monument of refuge for the straying fatherless children who no longer roam the planet. The fatherless child is not to be trusted, and forever homeless. If it ever were to finally find the father institute, the waiting father image in the entrance would unfailingly send it away again. The mother is a forlorn black bird on the roof. The father has a pair of mighty mechanized testicles.

Vision 6: The Herbert Bayer Cigarette Kiosk

The cigarette is a phallic symbol of childish oral fixation, and yet a source of dignity. It is both; a symbol of the sex urge, and of Thanathos, the death urge. The cigarette shaped chimney, a hollow tube, serves as a monument and a memorial, as a warning to future civilisations. A very strong gorilla guards the Kiosk against acts of disrespect.

These are the gardens where animals play;
Humans, the evil ones, have gone away.
Their symbols of progress will never decay;
Protected by the COD they will eternally stay.

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